Can someone please explain exactly why we still have that blemish down there? What good is mexico for anyway? I say we do society a favor and get rid of it. I mean come on, Its Mexico for crying out loud! All they do is sit around, eat beans and sneak across the border. What the hell are we waiting for? A good reason? Here's a good reason:


Yea I said it. Thats a good enough reason for me! It will be for the rest of the world too. I was thinking about Russia too. But I dont know really, Igor is from Russia. Does his country deserve that? Then there was Leyla. The United Kingdom would be a good place to attack. They think we are their friends, but in truth there is a mutual hate between both countries. Then I thought about John-Michael. Canada...Actually. Canada isn't that bad of an idea. They gave us people like John-Michael and that skinny girl Cunjita or however you spell it. OK. This Page is being rewritten.